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   We have simplified the order process as much as possible. Below you will find the basic steps necessary to complete the order process. More detailed instructions are found on the Instruction page of the Amity Excel Order Form that you can download and save to your computer HERE.

Steps to order:

  1. Download the Amity Order Form from the Order Page. It will automatically download to the location specified by your browser for downloads.

  2. Open the Amity Order Form and read through the instruction page first.

  3. Complete the School Info Page of the Amity Order Form.

  4. Complete the Teacher List Pages of the Amity Order Form. (Choose the pages that apply to your order: Card only, Notepad only, and Both.)

  5. Choose your artwork from our Artwork pages.

  6. Complete the Payment Page of the Amity Order Form.

  7. Save the completed Amity Order Form on your computer.

  8. Attach the completed Amity Order Form to an Email to us here: CLICK TO EMAIL

  9. Fax your Purchase Order, Credit Card Info or billing instructions to (806) 765-2127 or (806) 765-0998.

  10. Artwork may be emailed, mailed or faxed to us. See Contact Us page for addresses.

  11. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Delivery time will vary near appreciation dates and Christmas.